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分享 先说好消息,再来一个坏的 。。。
2011-4-21 18:31
先说好消息,再来一个坏的 。。。
沦坛伺服器升级了,应该能流畅一段日子啦! 做了一个艰难的决定:限制了新加入的会员只能下部分的书,即时生效。(只因为下载量是和伺服器收费成正比例的,以万元计,下一个下载量临界点,还是以数十万元计,资源呀资源 )
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分享 Hello, buddies!
2011-3-29 13:58
This is Shirley. Welcome to my Blog. As usual, I don't speak a lot and am more comfortable to talk in English. However, it's possible for me to switch channel if you think that's necessary: e.g. to discuss forum matters etc. Otherwise, I prefer to use this Blog to share pers ...
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